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Minutes of 5th Annual General Meeting.pdf

Last updated: 9-Aug-17

Minutes of 2017 AGM

Last updated: 5-Aug-18

Seventh Annual General Meeting 28 August 2018.pdf

Last updated: 5-Aug-18



Kenmore Bridge Club Inc. Constitution.pdf

Last updated: 1-Sep-16

Appeals Document KBC 29072017.pdf

Last updated: 9-Aug-17

Recorder document KBC 29072017.pdf

Last updated: 9-Aug-17



Kenmore Gum Leaf June 18 Click here to view.

Last updated: 20-Jun-18

Kenmore Gum Leaf August 2018 - Click here to view

Last updated: 3-Sep-18


Last updated: 15-Oct-18

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KBCCongress2019entryform.pdf New!

Last updated: 21-Nov-18

Indication of Financial Support for KBC

Last updated: 20-Jun-17

Survey of Members April 2017

Last updated: 12-May-17

2018 December Directing.pdf New!

Last updated: 2-Dec-18

Library Resource tiltle MASTER.pdf

Last updated: 30-Mar-18

KBCBridge Lessons Feb2019.pdf New!

Last updated: 11-Dec-18

Library Resource - Book List by Author Master.pdf

Last updated: 30-Mar-18

Kenmore Library bridge catalogue Master.pdf

Last updated: 30-Mar-18

Library Resource - Guidelines_20170606.pdf

Last updated: 6-Jun-17