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Board No: 1
Dealer: N, Vul: Nil
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Pair Numbers/Names  Score Matchpoints 
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW  
1 Denis Stark / Margaret Raymond1 Allan Byrnes / Steve Parkes2NT S2C7 50 410 
2 Phil Goodridge / Bonnie Goodridge3 Stephen Stening / Graham Rusher3H SAC8 50 410 
3 Jenny Coyle / Leanne Nugent5 Graeme Seaton / Gary Walton1NT NJC790  104 
4 Bevley D'aquino / Lisa McConkey7 Gayleen Trevaskis / Sue Ledlie3NT N2S8 50 410 
5 Margaret Mobbs / Diane McClintock2 Ruth Hoffensetz / Mel Gilmour1NT N9S8120  122 
6 Jennifer Millman / Lyn Lodge4 Unis Suliman / Peter Taylor4H S8S9 50 410 
7 Rick Webster / Stuart Stoddart6 Ethel Lavin / Pam Schiller3NT N2S8 50 410 
8 Anne Gardiner / Lesley Hoyling8 Jill Hislop / Margaret Giebels3NT S7D9400  140 

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Deal file from database
BD: 1S T3Dlr: N
H A5Vul: Nil
D JT62
C K9853
S 875 S 9642
H QT2 H J43
D A97 D K43
C AQ42 C JT6
H K9876
D Q85
C 7

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3NT by NS=4001
1NT by NS+11201
1NT by NS=901
4H by NS-1-501
2NT by NS-1-501
3H by NS-1-501
3NT by NS-1-502

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