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Board No: 1
Dealer: N, Vul: Nil
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Pair Numbers/Names  Score Matchpoints 
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW  
1 Bevley D'aquino / Lisa McConkey1 David Whybird / Bruce Gough3C W8S10 130 124 
2 Peter Wilce / Jim Pope3 Jackie Tozer / Marion Tomes3NT WAD10 430 115 
3 Margaret Loader / Christa Steinmuller5 Anne Gardiner / Jennifer Brangan4S W3H8100  160 
4 Jennifer Millman / Sue Cheney7 Bill Szumidlo / Geoff Longshaw2S WAD9 140 106 
5 Judy Wallace / Shane Hubner9 Stephen Stening / Graham Rusher3NT WKD10 430 115 
6 Sue Young / Margot Jeffery2 Therese Knauer / Judy Seaton2NT W7D10 180 412 
7 Linda Neil / Peter Neil4 Ivy Bunce / Louise Nohreiter2NT WAD8 120 142 
8 Kathryn Kelly / Pam Schiller6 Dale Lehner / Lily Manlapig2NT WAD9 150 79 
9 Ruth Hoffensetz / Lyn Lodge8 Douglas Johnstone / Marie Low2NT WAD9 150 79 

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Deal file from database
BD: 1S 875Dlr: N
H K53Vul: Nil
D AK972
C J8
S QJ43 S KT2
H AT6 H J4
D Q53 D J8
C AQ6 C KT9432
S A96
H Q9872
D T64
C 75
N-----  11 
S----- 15 8
E31132  6 

Replay with Bridge Solver

4S by EW-21001
2NT by EW=-1201
3C by EW+1-1301
2S by EW+1-1401
2NT by EW+1-1502
2NT by EW+2-1801
3NT by EW+1-4302

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