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Pair 1 - George O'BRIEN / Carole BLOOMER
Place: 6, Percentage: 42.5%
Board No vs Pr ContractLeadResult  Score  Matchpoints%   
Board 12: Kiran DUTT / Maria MILLER3S NDA7-10000% M
Board 22: Kiran DUTT / Maria MILLER4H WC212-48000% M
Board 32: Kiran DUTT / Maria MILLER3NT SDQ10430250% M
Board 42: Kiran DUTT / Maria MILLER5D SHJ10-100250% M
Board 55: Alex DAW / Janette WHITE5D ECA114004100% M
Board 65: Alex DAW / Janette WHITE4S SDA11-45000% M
Board 75: Alex DAW / Janette WHITE6H NCQ12-1430125% M
Board 85: Alex DAW / Janette WHITE1NT WH2915000% M
Board 94: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE3D SH911-1504100% M
Board 104: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE4S EHJ11650375% M
Board 114: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE4H NS2950375% M
Board 124: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE4S WCT1248000% M
Board 133: Sandy SPIES / Judy WERNER3S ED59-140125% M
Board 143: Sandy SPIES / Judy WERNER2NT ESJ9-150125% M
Board 153: Sandy SPIES / Judy WERNER4H WD210-42000% M
Board 163: Sandy SPIES / Judy WERNER1D SH8890250% M
Board 176: Cathy MAGI / Stephen PROWSE3NT NH810430375% M
Board 186: Cathy MAGI / Stephen PROWSE3NT NH99600375% M
Board 196: Cathy MAGI / Stephen PROWSE5D SHK10-50125% M
Board 206: Cathy MAGI / Stephen PROWSE3C WH59-1104100% M

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