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Pair 2 - Kiran DUTT / Maria MILLER
Place: 1, Percentage: 57.5%
Board No vs Pr ContractLeadResult  Score  Matchpoints%   
Board 11: George O'BRIEN / Carole BLOOMER3S NDA71004100% M
Board 21: George O'BRIEN / Carole BLOOMER4H WC2124804100% M
Board 31: George O'BRIEN / Carole BLOOMER3NT SDQ10-430250% M
Board 41: George O'BRIEN / Carole BLOOMER5D SHJ10100250% M
Board 53: Sandy SPIES / Judy WERNER4D EHT1013000% M
Board 63: Sandy SPIES / Judy WERNER4S SC810-420250% M
Board 73: Sandy SPIES / Judy WERNER4H NCQ11-6504100% M
Board 83: Sandy SPIES / Judy WERNER3S ED210170250% M
Board 95: Alex DAW / Janette WHITE5D SH911-400250% M
Board 105: Alex DAW / Janette WHITE4S ECA11650375% M
Board 115: Alex DAW / Janette WHITE3NT SSK850375% M
Board 125: Alex DAW / Janette WHITE3NT WD712490375% M
Board 136: Cathy MAGI / Stephen PROWSE3S EDA9140375% M
Board 146: Cathy MAGI / Stephen PROWSE2D WC211150375% M
Board 156: Cathy MAGI / Stephen PROWSE3H WC29140125% M
Board 166: Cathy MAGI / Stephen PROWSE3NT SHJ9-40000% M
Board 174: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE3NT ND210-430125% M
Board 184: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE3NT NHJ9-600125% M
Board 194: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE5D SHQ1050375% M
Board 204: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE3C WHJ10130375% M

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