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Pair 4 - Kiran DUTT / Maria MILLER
Place: 1, Percentage: 52.78%
Board No vs Pr ContractLeadResult  Score  Matchpoints%   
Board 13: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE2S WD781102100% M
Board 23: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE4D SH882002100% M
Board 33: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE3C WS61319000% M
Board 41: Linda GOUGH / Judy WERNER3H WCQ72002100% M
Board 51: Linda GOUGH / Judy WERNER3C NDQ10130150% M
Board 61: Linda GOUGH / Judy WERNER4D ECQ10-1302100% M
Board 72: Janette WHITE / Alex DAW4S EHJ11-6502100% M
Board 82: Janette WHITE / Alex DAW2D NHA7-502100% M
Board 92: Janette WHITE / Alex DAW3NT ED913-72000% M
Board 103: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE5C WSQ11600150% M
Board 113: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE4S NC810-42000% M
Board 123: Judy BRIDGMAN / Jenny HEARLE4S NH291002100% M
Board 131: Linda GOUGH / Judy WERNER4H ND310620150% M
Board 141: Linda GOUGH / Judy WERNER2S WDQ9-14000% M
Board 151: Linda GOUGH / Judy WERNER3S EDK9-14000% M
Board 162: Janette WHITE / Alex DAW2D ECA10-130150% M
Board 172: Janette WHITE / Alex DAW4S SC211450150% M
Board 182: Janette WHITE / Alex DAW4H EDQ10-42000% M

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